June 30, 2015

A Monthly Publication of
Bethesda Baptist Church
June 30, 2015

Upcoming Activities

* Business Meeting:  Our monthly meeting is on Wednesday, July 8 beginning at
7 p.m.
* Family Movie Night:  Join us for movie night at Bethesda Baptist Church on
Friday, July 10 beginning at 6:30 p.m.


There will be MANY celebrations among our membership in July!:

Happy Birthday to:

* Caitlin on the 7th
* DiAndre on the 14th
* Rich on the 17th
* Ellen on the 18th
* Georgia on the 26th
* Elijah on the 27th
* Nolan on the 30th

Happy Anniversary to:

* Aaron & Cynthia on the 27th

and, Happy Independence Day on the 4th!

The Luther Monthly

“A Christian is a perfectly free lord of all, subject to no one. A Christian is a
perfectly dutiful servant of all, subject to all. … Who can understand the riches of the glory of this grace? Here this rich and divine bridegroom Christ marries this poor, wicked harlot, redeems her from all her evil, and adorns her with all his goodness. Her sins cannot now destroy her, since they are laid upon Christ and swallowed up by him. And she has that righteousness in Christ, her husband, of which she may boast as of her own and which she can confidently display alongside her sins in the face of death and hell and say, ‘If I have sinned, yet my Christ, in whom I believe, has not sinned, and all his is mine and all mine is his.’”
Martin Luther, The Freedom of a Christian, 1520

Pastor’s Postscript

“These are the times that try men’s souls.”  
Thomas Paine

Given the events of the past week, now is a good time to remember that you and I, members of Bethesda Baptist, are Christians first and Americans second.  We live in a nation with a government that has been ordained by God (Romans 13).  We are to be obedient to the laws of that government in the same way we obey the laws of God:  promptly & sincerely.  BUT, when any government strays from the Word of God and passes laws which are contrary to His Word, our first allegiance is to God, not man.

Forty-two years ago, the Supreme Court of our nation decided that unborn children were not children and could be aborted if so desired.  In other words, the Court ruled that such a murderous act is legal.  It has been and remains the law of our land.  It is certainly not God’s law.  Our nation is wrong on this matter no matter how many people believe it is right.  Men have decided that murdering children is legal but God has not changed His Word or Mind.  One day, people will give an account for failing to govern according to God’s Word.

Now, last Friday, the Supreme Court (same body, different justices) decided that homosexuals may legally marry.  Five of the nine justices ruled that the definition of marriage accepted by society for 6000 plus years is no longer valid.  Two men may marry.  Two women may marry.  In other words, the Court ruled that such an abominable act is legal.  Despite what citizens of several states had decided on this matter, the Court has now declared  such marriage legal.  Men have decided that homosexuals getting married is legal but God has not changed His Word or Mind.  Again, one day, people will give an account for failing to govern according to God’s Word.

While there are many actions taken by our government that are questionable in the sight of God, certainly these two stand out.  We, as Christians, must remain firm on our convictions, convictions which come from the Word of God.  We have protested abortion for over forty years and must continue to do so.  We must continue to protest homosexual marriage as well.  In both cases, it is our duty to God to stand with Him and not with man.  Let us not yield to public opinion or pressure.  Rather, let us cling to Christ and His Leadership.  As the great preacher Dr. R. G. Lee once preached:  “Payday Someday! Judgment day is coming America!”

Let us be on the right side of this judgment!