January 31, 2016

A Monthly Publication of
Bethesda Baptist Church

January 31, 2016

Valentine Fondue Party

Bethesda will celebrate Valentine’s Day on February 13th with a 
Fondue Party in Fellowship Hall.  The festivities begin at 5:30 p.m.   

Parents’ Day Out

On Friday, February 26, babysitting services will be provided at 
the church for Bethesda couples who would like some time alone.  
The services will begin at 6:30 p.m. and will be available until 
11:30 p.m.  So drop off your children and have an adult night out!

BUSINESS MEETING:  Wednesday, February 10th, 7 p.m.


Happy Birthday to the following  Bethesda family members:

* Kate Bounds on the 9th.
* Marilynn Norvell on the 17th.  
* Jeff Mueller on the 22nd. 
* Steve Brook on the 28th. 

The Luther Monthly

Formerly a monk, Luther married a former nun in 1525, Katherine 
(Katie) Von Bora.  Over the years, he frequently spoke and wrote 
on his marriage, his wife, and marital love.  In recognition of 
Valentine’s Day, here are a few quotes on these subjects.

On marriage: 

“There is a lot to get used to in the first year of marriage. 
One wakes up in the morning and finds a pair of pigtails on the 
pillow which were not there before.” 

On his wife Katie & his children: 

“To the rich lady of Zulsdorf, Mrs. Dr. Katherine Luther, who lives 
in the flesh at Wittenberg but in the spirit at Zulsdorf.” 

“My Katie is in all things so obliging and pleasing to me that I 
would not exchange my poverty for the riches of Croesus.” 
“My lord Katie greets you. She plants our fields, pastures and sells 
cows, et cetera. In between she has started to read the Bible. I 
have promised her 50 gulden if she finishes by Easter. She is hard 
at it and is at the end of the fifth book of Moses.”

“To my beloved wife, Katherine, Mrs. Dr. Luther, mistress of the 
pig market, lady of Zulsdorf, and whatsoever other titles may befit 
thy Grace.” 

During his wife’s illness:  “Oh, Katie do not die and leave me.” 

“All my life is patience. I have to have patience with the pope, 
the heretics, my family, and Katie.” 

“My dear Katie brought into the world yesterday by God's grace at 
two o'clock a little son, Hans Luther. I must stop. Sick Katie 
calls me.” 

“Hans is cutting his teeth and beginning to make a joyous nuisance 
of himself. These are the joys of marriage of which the pope is not 

 “Child, what have you done that I should love you so? You have 
disturbed the whole household with your bawling.” 

“This is the sort of thing (a baby crying for over an hour) that 
has caused the Church fathers to vilify marriage. But God before 
the last day has brought back marriage and the magistracy to their 
proper esteem.” 

“Good God, what a lot of trouble there is in marriage! Adam has made 
a mess of our nature. Think of all the squabbles Adam and Eve must 
have had in the course of their nine hundred years. Eve would say, 
'You ate the apple,' and Adam would retort, 'You gave it to me.'” 

Katie to her husband:  “Doctor, why don't you stop talking and eat?” 
Martin’s response:  “I wish that women would repeat the Lord's Prayer 
before opening their mouths.” 

On marital love: 
“The first love is drunken. When the intoxication wears off, then 
comes the real marriage love.” 

“Union of the flesh does nothing. There must also be union of manners 
and mind.” 

Pastor’s Postscript

2016 is a month old and we have observed a baptism as well as several 
visitors in our worship service.  Please continue to pray that the 
Lord would open up the opportunities for us to minister to those who 
need Christ as well as provide opportunities for believers to serve 
the Lord!

This Sunday is our pizza party followed by Valentine card-making.  
Those who shared in this ministry last year had a great time making 
the cards.  We can fellowship while we do so and we know the residents 
of the Lake Charles Retirement Center appreciate receiving the “work 
of our hands”.  You might be thinking you are not “crafty” but, I can 
assure you, you are more “crafty” than I will ever be and I had a good 
time making cards last year!  So, there’s no excuse for missing this 
fun activity.

In just over a couple of weeks we’ll have our Valentine’s Fondue 
Party.  And, at the end of February, those parents who have children 
may take advantage of a ministry of some Bethesda members who have 
volunteered to watch your children while you have a date night!

While often considered much more mundane than our fellowships, there 
are practical business matters which the church must address from time 
to time.  Next Saturday (February 6) is our first church council 
meeting of 2016.  The church council meets once a quarter and reviews 
the upcoming schedule of church activities.  Our constitution requires 
certain church office holders to be a part of this meeting and, of 
course, permits any member to attend.  If you hold one of the 
following church positions, you are a member of the council and I 
encourage you to be at our first meeting.

* Pastor
* Chairman of Deacons
* Worship Leader
* Sunday School Director
* Church Clerk
* Treasurer
* Chairman of Finance Committee
* Youth Director
* Chairman of Outreach Committee
* Chairman of Fellowship Committee
* Chairman of Trustees

Let us continue to serve our Lord through our church with the gifts He 
has given to each of us! 

May the Lord richly bless each of you in the coming month!

Pastor Bruce

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