May 19, 2014

STIRRINGS AT BETHESDA – A Weekly Publication of Bethesda Baptist Church – May 19, 2014


The Ladies Tea Party is this Saturday, May 24, at 2 p.m.   The party is open to all adult ladies and you are encouraged to bring relatives, friends, neighbors, and co-workers.  There is a signup sheet in the church lobby but, if you are unable to sign the sheet by Wednesday evening yet desire to attend the party, PLEASE contact Debbie Walker and inform her how many will be attending.  It is imperative we know how many are coming in order to prepare for the party.  A reminder:  child care will not be provided.

Upcoming Activities

1.  Bible Study & Prayer Meeting, Wednesday, 7 p.m.
2.  Ladies Tea Party, Saturday, 2 p.m.
3.  Sunday School, Sunday, 9:15 a.m.
4.  Worship Service & the Lord’s Supper, Sunday, 10:30 a.m.
5.  Discipleship Training (“The Attributes of God”), Sunday, 5 p.m.

We Welcome to Our Membership…

Bobby Henson was approved as a member of Bethesda Baptist Church based on his statement of faith and his testimony of Biblical baptism.  Welcome to Bethesda, Bobby!  Please add Bobby to your church directory:

Bobby Henson
1205 Shirley Ridge Drive
St. Charles, MO  63304

Recent Prayer Requests

* Cynthia Wordlaw’s need for a kidney.
* The Mueller family
* Alicia’s mother
* Meghan Bartner
* Zachary Mueller
* Dennis fighting kidney failure
* Marilynn Norvell
* Debbie, recovering from foot surgery
* Prayer for the conversions of the lost, especially those in our community
* Praise to the Lord for our visitors
* Our church and need for revival

Julie’s Mission Trip

Julie leaves next week for her mission trip to San Diego.  She will give us a brief update on this trip as part of Sunday morning’s worship service.  You may still contribute financially, if you so desire, by writing a check to Bethesda Baptist and note that it is for “Julie’s Trip”.

Congratulations to…

Alicia Mueller, celebrating a birthday on Friday, May 23 and Nick Brandel, celebrating a birthday on Sunday, May 25.  . Happy Birthday to each of you!

Also, congratulations to Rachelle Brandel who graduated from UMSL with a Bachelor of Arts in English and in Modern Languages (Japanese).  Well done,


Coming Sunday…

We continue our look at the salutation to the Epistle to the Romans as we examine “The Person of the Gospel” from Romans 1:3-4.

Church Directory Updates & Corrections

Pam DePriest’s e-mail address is .

If you have corrections or updates, please send a note to the pastor.  We will issue a new directory later this year.

Spurgeon Speaks

“Notice, Brothers and Sisters, how reverent the Apostles were to Holy Scriptures.  They had no doubt about its Inspiration!  They quoted the Old Testament and delighted to make it a kind of basis for the New Testament…”

Sermon Seconds

My sermon yesterday was on the promise of the gospel of God, focusing on verse 2 of Romans chapter 1.  Obviously, the key phrase in the verse is “he promised beforehand”.  These 3 English words translate one word in the original which comes from the word:  proepaggellomai.  This word is found only here and in 2 Corinthians 9:5.  It is a compound word actually composed of 3 words.

* aggellomai – to proclaim (aggelos is one who proclaims a message; this is the Greek word for “angel”)
* epi – “upon”; “to proclaim upon” (epaggelomai) is to make a promise.
* pro – “before”

So, in the case of the gospel of God, it is the promise of God made long before Christ came to fulfill the Gospel.

Pastor’s Postscript

While our numbers were very low yesterday, I thought our worship together was quite uplifting and certainly glorified God.  Aren’t you glad Jesus told us it only takes 2 gathered in His name for Him to be present and not 200?!

For some I know this has been a challenging week.  In such times it is critical you lean upon God and not trust your own judgment.  Search His Word and open your heart and mind to His direction.  May God grant you wisdom and may you trust Him more and more each passing day.

God has called me to be your pastor and has guided the church to elect 4 men to serve as your deacons.  If at any time we may be of assistance, please give us a call.

May the Lord bless Bethesda Baptist!

Pastor Bruce

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