October 13, 2014

A Weekly Publication of
Bethesda Baptist Church

October 13, 2014

Upcoming Activities

1. Bethesda Academy, Monday, 6:30 p.m.
2. Bible Study & Prayer Meeting, Wednesday, 7:00 p.m.
3. Church Bonfire, Saturday, 6 p.m.
4. Sunday School, Sunday, 9:15 a.m.
5. Worship Service, Sunday, 10:30 a.m.
6. Discipleship Training, Sunday, 5 p.m.

Wednesday Evening

This Wednesday evening at the beginning of our prayer meeting time, we will give those present an opportunity to share a testimony of how God is presently working in their life.  We don’t do this enough so we are going to incorporate it into our Wednesday program, probably once a month.

So, if the Lord is at work in your life (and, if you are a Christian, He must be), come out this Wednesday evening and share what He is doing with your brothers and sisters.  Your testimony does not have to be lengthy, just recent.

“It is Christ’s death which saves us from the wrath to come.”

Operation Christmas Child

We begin our annual Operation Christmas Child collection in just 2 weeks.  If you find some bargains which may be included in the boxes, go ahead and bring them to church now.

“It is not that God cancels those sins; He liquidates them.  It is not that He sweeps those sins under the carpet; He visits the penalty and the condemnation of that sin on the person of Jesus Christ so that the penalty and condemnation has been swallowed up in Christ.  It doesn’t exist any more for us.”
J. Ligon Duncan

Did you know that there is an election in 3 weeks?  Find out the issues and people on the ballot.  Get all the information you can on what you will be voting on.  Do your research now and be ready to vote according to your conscience on election day!

Vote but vote conscience, not party.

Theological Words

King Kong and the “propitiatory” sacrifice.

“Propitiation” is one of the words covered in yesterday’s text and message.  It means “to appease” or “to placate”.  Often used to describe the attempt to appease an offended deity and turn aside the deity’s wrath.

Scripture uses the word in this way as well.  God’s wrath rests upon sinners (John 3:36) and, at some point, will be poured out on them.  This is the result when sin is confronted by God.

For us to stand righteous in God’s presence, we need His wrath averted.  Something must appease Him, must placate Him, so, instead of releasing His wrath upon us, He welcomes us into His presence.

Well, we have no such propitiation to offer.  So, as Paul notes in Romans 3:25, God provided His own:  His only Son Jesus Christ.  The death of Christ is a propitiation, an appeasement of the wrath of Almighty God.  As a result on behalf of His own people, God’s wrath against them has been satisfied.  Those for whom He died no longer need fear the wrath of God for it has been turned aside by Christ’s atoning sacrifice.

Outreach Day

The Deacons have suggested we have an outreach day in one of the neighborhoods near the church.  So, on Saturday morning, October 25 join the deacons and me as we walk through one of the neighborhoods handing out the Gospel and information on our church.

If you plan on participating please let the pastor know so he can make certain we have enough material for everyone to distribute.

Pastor’s Postscript

While yesterday saw us down a little on attendance and a gloomy sky outside the building, the Spirit was present and the worship time together was refreshing!  I encourage you to invite those you meet to come and join us for next Sunday’s service.

May Christ be with you this week and give you comfort, courage, strength, and blessing!

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